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Jeevikkunnu Enkil Malayalam christian song by Chikku Kuriakose

Jeevikkunnu enkil krishthuvinay
Paadidunnu enkil daivathinay(2)
Nalla dasanayi njan theernathinal
En maranam enikkathu labham(2)

Lokathin mohagalil neengi
Papathin dasanayi njan theernu
Nashtamayi poya kalangal orthu
Ente daivathin sannithe njan chennu(2) Jeevikkunnu

Enne snehippan yeshu bhoovil vannu
Enikkayi krushil nadhan pidanju
Thante thiru raktham enikkayi cheenthi
Enthoralbhuthame mahal sneham(2) Jeevikkunnu

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